Seagull Mount Resort

Seagull Mountain Resort is ane of the many pop destinations inwards Davao City. It is situated along the Bukidnon-Davao (BUDA) Road in Barangay Lorega, Marilog District, Davao City, in addition to is nestled on a mountain nearly 4,200 feet inwards a higher identify body of body of water level. The Resort is widely known for its cool weather all twelvemonth round, in addition to thick mount fog, (even inwards broad daylight!), that quietly crawls the lush greenery amidst tall Pine trees in addition to wild flowers surrounding the entire area, making it a pop getaway for identify unit of measurement outing.

Seagull Mountain Resort is ane of the 3 Seagull Resorts owned past times the Dureza family of Davao; the other ii resorts are: Seagull Beach Resort inwards Davao City, in addition to the Seagull Inland Resort inwards Digos, Davao Del Sur.

How to instruct to Seagull Mountain Resort

From the Ecoland Bus Terminal, inwards Ecoland, Davao City, at that topographic point is a two-hour double-decker ride via Cagayan-Buda that volition drib y’all off along the highway at the entrance leading to the Resort. 

Bukidnon – Davao (BUDA) Road

Spot where the Cagayan-Buda double-decker drops off visitors to the Resort

Parking Area

More parking space

Seagull Coffee Shop

Phoenix Station
(Behind is the Seagull Coffee Shop) 

Phoenix Station in addition to the Coffee Shop at a distance

Entrance to the Resort

Seagull is surrounded past times tall Pine tress

View from Seagull

Thick mount fog quietly crawls the lush greenery of the Resort

Usual sight of the mount fog

Seagull is widely known for its cool conditions all twelvemonth round

Fresh mount breeze is a welcome process at Seagull

Entrance to Seagull Mountain Resort

Golf Course at Seagull

View of the Golf Course

Another component subdivision of the Golf Course

Seagull Golf Course

Guided tour of Seagull on a multi-cab is provided past times the Resort

Seagull Way of the Cross

Pathway that leads to the Way of the Cross

View of mount from the Way of the Cross

Tent Area

Another Tent Area where families tin picnic

Stairs to Our Lady of Manaoag Chapel

Inside the Chapel

Altar of the Chapel

Image of the Crucified Christ exterior the Chapel

Statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Pathway leading to the Our Lady of Manaoag Chapel

Seagull Pavilion
(Where social functions in addition to events are held)

Another persuasion of the Pavilion

View of the Pavilion

Inside the Pavilion

Seagull Restaurant

The Pool

Pool Side

Leading to the Pool

Icy mutual depression temperature Water Falls

Amenities, Activities in addition to More!

Below are the many comfortable accommodations at Seagull where families tin relax, bask in addition to convey fun:
The Campsite

Camping Ground

One of the many cottages inwards Seagull

Bigger accommodations for families

One of the many amenities inwards Seagull

Walking in addition to jogging trail

Another walking in addition to jogging trail

Wide in addition to build clean pathways

Contact Information

Seagull Mountain Resort

BUDA Road, Barangay Lorega, Marilog District, Davao City,

Reservations Office

Door 2, Braveheart Building, McArthur Highway
Davao City (Fronting Matina Petron or quondam ABS-CBN Station)
Tel. No.: +(6382) 298-5990
Mondays – Saturdays, 8AM – 5PM
Mountain Resort Office
Tel No.: +(6382) 286-4124 
Mondays – Sundays, 8AM to 5PM
Beach Resort Front Office
Tel No.: +(6382) 301-0097  or +(6382) 301-0100 
Mondays – Sundays, 8AM to 5PM
Inland Resort Office
Tel No.: +(6382) 286-3233 
Mondays – Sundays, 8AM to 5PM


Island Inwards The Sky

(Bukidnon – Davao Highway)
Note the clouds inwards the background equally if the highway sits afloat 
While Baguio City inwards Benguet Province, northward of Luzon isle holds the distinction of beingness the “Summer Capital of the Philippines” because of it’s cool weather condition all twelvemonth round, hold off until y’all come across the entire stretch of the Bukidnon – Davao Highway called BUDA Road where y’all volition uncovering the weather, all twelvemonth round, much cooler, together with the air cleaner. After all, it is inwards Davao where y’all volition uncovering the country’s highest mount peak, the magnificent Mount Apo, together with the surrounding mount ranges higher inwards elevation than inwards whatsoever business office of the Philippines. 
“If a flick paints a grand words . . . .”, simply similar the former ballad says, then, allow the images below verbalize for themselves. Oh, I beloved Davao City!
Soft together with fluffy clouds quietly hover these mount ranges
What a sight to behold!

The magnificent Mount Apo together with its summit covered yesteryear dense clouds

Farther thought of Mount Apo
The tall trees inwards the foreground are Pine trees
Crawling fogs inwards the area

An isle inwards the sky

(The resort is i of the many operate yesteryear destinations inwards the area)

In Davao, if y’all desire to experience the sun, the beach is simply a few minutes away, whereas inwards Baguio City the nearest beach is inwards La Union Province. It is my trace solid promise that my beau countrymen together with unusual tourists alike volition accept a 2nd await at Davao City together with the countless wonders together with magnificent sights it offers.
Davao City, an Island inwards the Sky . . .  and indeed, from Islands to Highlands!