The Kaielia Trail

THE KAIELIA TRAIL (and adjoining trails).

done APRIL 2016

KAIELIA TRAIL – straightaway below
MOKULE’LA (MOKULEIA) ACCESS ROAD – abt. 40% downwards page
and PEACOCK FLAT CAMPING AREA – abt 55% downwards page

The KAIELIA TRAIL is inward western OAHU in addition to goes from the coastal westward of the NORTH SHORE into the WAI’ANEA RANGE. In this purpose of the isle the WAI’ANEA separates the southern purpose of the north-west coast (known locally every bit the NORTH SHORE) from the rain/trade winds sheltered northern purpose of the south-west coast (known locally every bit the LEEWARD COAST)

The WAI’ANEA RANGE is the western make of mountains on AOAHU, running almost parallel to the eastern KO’OLAU RANGE. It contains OHAU’S highest peak – KA’ALA (4025FT/1217M) – icon Go Hawaii

This is the most used trail inward the expanse because:
* parking behind DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD is ameliorate than at other trailheads
* it offers a non likewise lengthy (2.3mi/3.7km i way) upward in addition to dorsum trek which is steep in addition to crude oil plenty to satisfy users they receive got had a expert hike – but non overly so. It won’t worry people of average fitness providing they brand a few balance stops. The trail is good defined in addition to slowly to follow in addition to non technically hard underfoot.
* views dorsum over the western NORTH SHORE are definitely the best of whatever trail in addition to yesteryear pushing on a chip farther via connecting trails it is possible to larn overviews of the LEEWARD COAST.
*people seeking a longer trek tin shipping away operate along via several trails to either eventually loop dorsum to the KAIELEA for a descent dorsum to DILLINGHAM or force on to remain overnight at PEACKOCK FLATS CAMPING AREA.
It is also possible to walk all the agency to the southern LEEWARD COAST at YOKOHAMA BAY inward the far westward yesteryear descending the access route to the KAENA TRACKING STATION which is inward this mount expanse farther westward (see downwards page), but a permit from the DIVISION OF FORESTRY AND WILDLIFE is needed for this road.


On far western OAHU the WAI’ANEA RANGE separates the western destination of the NORTH SHORE from the western destination of the LEEWARD COAST. The KAI’ELEA TRAIL traverses all but a pocket-sized department of the range.
Main route 930 along the NORTH SHORE is the FARRINGTON HWY from HALEIWA abt 8mi/13km to the due east of the airfield. It ends abt. 2mi/3.3km farther westward but it is possible to accept a trekking trail some other 2.5mi/4km to the far western tip of the isle at KAENA POINT.
Main route 93 along the LEEWARD COAST is also the FARRINGTON HWY (I gauge the aim is to sometime bring together N in addition to due south sections inward the KAENA POINT area) running all the agency from the western suburbs of what is considered GREATER HONOLULU abt 21mi/34km due east of its western destination some 2mi/3.3km from KAENA POINT. Once i time to a greater extent than a walking trail goes to the point.
Pic details may endure clearer if you lot click-expand image.

The trail starts inward the south-east corner of the spacious in addition to gratis parking expanse on the inland side of the airfield. After a apartment few hundred meters it begins to climb WAI’ANEA’S steep northern escarpment.

This nifty shot from T0-HAWAII brings out the steepness of the highland escarpment behind DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD.

The trail upward the escarpment gains 950/1000ft (290/305m) inward around 0.8mi/1.2km but because of nineteen switchbacks, the slopes from moderate to steep never operate ridiculously steep. Fit people volition accuse right up, normal types may demand a halt or 2 – but this is no employment because in that place are many fantabulous photograph opportunities over the western NORTH SHORE.

I shot this from maybe 3/4 the agency upward the slope – yellowish arrow is of course of written report DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD, white the track. An added bonus at times is glider in addition to parachute action – the airfield hosts both.
Please excuse the clumsy stitching of images via my elcheapo OLYMPUS’s ‘panorama’ setting. These panorama shots usually click-expand nicely.

The coast a chip farther to the westward from roughly the same photographic tv set camera position. Notice shower out to ocean – it wasn’t a especially squeamish day.

The escarpment runway is non real broad but never becomes a bush-bashing exercise. Underfoot are plenty of rocks, roots in addition to gravel – I reckon expert shoes are a bonus hither but was amazed at the lay out of people passing the other agency wearing sandals in addition to flip-flops. It looked similar plenty of folk had decided on a quick mid afternoon up-and-back after a morn on the beach. 
This trail was much busier than others inward the expanse – I passed at to the lowest degree a dozen people on the hr or hence I spent DESCENDING the KAIELEA (I did it every bit a LAST department of a much bigger trek starting farther due east – run into TEZZA’S CIRCUIT downwards page) whereas inward the previous v hours I had only seen 3 other trekkers, 2 cyclists in addition to 3 off-road vehicles. I negotiated plenty of unmarried step-downs but my lxx twelvemonth quondam shot knees appreciated the lack of flights of stairs.

The upper purpose of the KAIELEA changes markedly. South of the escarpment edge  it becomes much flatter (actually it undulates amongst the full general slope gradually up-hill) is relatively directly in addition to widens into a gravel-surfaced road, in all likelihood purpose of the upper area’s burn downwards trails.

The southern destination of the KAIELEA joins the KUAOKALA ACCESS ROAD at a t-juncion. Take a left in addition to operate along a few hundred meters to the start of the KUAOKALA RIDGE TRAIL (from retention is is signposted ‘KUAOKALA TRAIL’ – no ‘RIDGE’) Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 brusk distance along is a gate thru which is the kickoff of several overviews of the LEEWARD COAST.

First persuasion of the LEEWARD COAST – the MAKUA VALLEY north-west of MAKAHA which is evidently a armed forces reserve hence it may non endure a expert thought to endeavor over-landing to downwards there.

My shot higher upward this is suffering from bad atmospheric condition setting in. This much clearer painting demonstrate comes from DOBBS: on walkabout – this nifty site is genuinely worth visiting: has a host of fantabulous pics of the KAIELIA summation much to a greater extent than detailed route instructions.

But I didn’t come upward UP the KAELIA TRACK – I approached the higher upward expanse every bit the LAST purpose of TEZZA’S BIG WAI’ANEA LOOP (for desire of a ameliorate name)…..



START at “start” (der) top right. Go upward TRACK #1 (white) – the MOKULE’LA ACCESS ROAD. At the top is a route barrier – yesteryear hither caput westward on the KUAOKOLA ACCESS ROAD EAST (purple # 2) -until the sign to the left for the KUAKOLA RIDGE TRAI (pale imperial #3). At the western destination rejoin the KUAOKOLA ACCESS ROAD (in this example the WESTERN SECTION – indigo #4).Walk some 55/65 minutes dorsum due east in addition to you lot volition uncovering to the left the junction of the KAIELEA TRAIL (yellow # 5) downwards to the DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD.
The whole 15+mi/25km trek took me precisely nether half-dozen hours, in addition to I teamed upward amongst a dude most 20% inward who walked much faster hence my common geezer’s shuffle.
Once i time to a greater extent than map details volition endure clearer if you lot click-expand image.

MOKULE’LACCESS ROAD – also spelled Mokuleia Access Road
I took this to a greater extent than eastern (3mi/5km) route into the mountains merely because it was closer to the nearest double-decker halt (in the coastal hamlet of WAIALUA) yesteryear 2mi/3.2km. And I was inward luck – I managed to hitch a ride from close the double-decker halt to the trail head.
At the trail caput is a locked light-green gate amongst plenty parking for a one-half dozen vehicles – plenty to a greater extent than along the following FARRINGTON HWY which is a expert 2 lane blacktop here.
BEWARE – isle websites tell theft from cars is high inward this expanse – don’t exit valuables inward the vehicle: some fifty-fifty urge windows left downwards in addition to glovebox opened upward (less than one-half the parked cars I saw inward several visits along the FARRINGTON did the latter).

The 3.5mi/5.8km MOKULE’LA ACCESS RD goes from the FARRINGTON HWY upward to a gate precisely brusk of the PEACOCK FLATS CAMPING AREA.

Highest peak inward this modified GOOGLE EARTH icon is also OAHU’S highest – MT KA’ALA (40023FT/1217M) – GOOGLE MAPS shows a road/track upward in that place from a chip farther due east (left – inward this icon because you lot are looking DUE SOUTH, non the common DUE NORTH) on the FARRINGTON, but I don’t know how expert this is for driving/trekking – peradventure following visit.
WRONG!! Some fourth dimension after writing the avove I came across a terrific MT KA’ALA trek trace of piece of work organisation human relationship from DODDS on-walkabout – seems the hiking trail leaves from the contrary LEEWARD COAST. 

The brusk route from the FARRINGTON downwards to WAIALUA tin shipping away precisely endure seen at far left.

Behind the locked light-green gate at the FARRINGTON HIGHWAY (from what I tin shipping away assemble only official FORESTRY AND WILDLIFE vehicles receive got access, but in that place is plenty of room for trekkers in addition to bicyclists to pass) is a broad sealed route which tends to endure apartment in addition to fairly directly for a km or hence before the escarpment. This is less sheer than farther westward behind DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD – slopes vary from moderate to fairly steep but never killer. There are a lay out of bends but no tight switchback-like every bit farther west. The sealed surface continues to the top but in that place were a few deep potholes higher up, something cyclists descending at warp speed in addition to trekkers coming downwards inward the dark without a torch (in this abide by it would endure a much ameliorate descent for belatedly trekkers than that into DILLINGHAM which is likewise narrow in addition to crude oil inward the dark) demand to sentry for.
Two cyclists, i official vehicle in addition to nil trekkers passed me the other agency spell I was ascending for abt an hr at my geezers’ pace.
There are several expert viewpoints along the MOKULE’LA, but non every bit many nor every bit expert every bit from the KAIELEA. This i was from close the top – showing mid in addition to northern NORTH SHORE locations: HALIEWA (yellow arrow), WAIMEA BAY – the southern most of the NORTH SHORE’S to a greater extent than famous large moving ridge locations (white arrow), the northern destination of the NORTH SHORE a few km yesteryear legendary SUNSET BAY (charcoal arrow) in addition to closest camera; WAIALUA (red arrow).


To the left of the locked gate at top of the MOKUKE’LA is this meadow. Empty hither but I think this may endure an overflow expanse – websites utter most each camp-site having a permanent shelter summation picnic tables, an outhouse (but no water) hence I think the chief camping ground expanse is dorsum to the right. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 pair walked upward spell I was studying an information board behind photographic tv set camera – told me they were the only campers. It was mid-week.
This looks similar a squeamish campsite surrounded yesteryear pines in addition to eucalypts in addition to amongst expert views dorsum over the N shore. It is pop amongst off-roaders (who drive inward via the TRACKING STATION), trekkers, cyclists,, hunters (much of the full general expanse is made upward of hunting reservations – don’t wander likewise far off the tracks) in addition to other outdoors types. Note you lot demand a camping ground permit from the DIVISION OF PARKS AND WILDLIFE. Apparently the expanse tin shipping away larn quite busy on squeamish weekendss.

This begins straightaway the other side of the closed gate at the destination of MOKULE’LA ACCESS ROAD in addition to runs for 2mi/3,.km (perhaps a chip more) to where the KUAOKOLA (RIDGE) TRAIL is signposted to the left. It is gravel surfaced, twisty in addition to undulatiing – but amongst no killer slopes Initially the full general management is south-west towards the border of the ridge in addition to hence it runs westward along or unopen to the border for over a km. Surface was pretty good, although I receive got seen pix of off-road vehicles (this is the final phase of the access route from the TRACKING STATION to PEACOCK FLATS for vehicles who receive got come upward up  from YOKOHAMA BAY on the LEEWARD COAST) having a terrible fourth dimension inward cutting upward surfaces after heavy rain. 
One someone off-road vehicle in addition to i trekker passed the other agency the xxx minutes spent along here.

Stage 1 of my trek on the KUAOKALA ACCESS ROAD EAST (#1) started at the far right pale-purple grade at the junction o the MOKULE’LA TRAIL (notice the camping ground sign for PEACKOCK FLATS) in addition to ended at the white grade at left, where the KUAOKALA (RIDGE) TRAIL (white arrow) takes off to the West.
A few hours afterward I returned on the roughly parallel KUAOKALA ACCESS ROAD WEST (indigo arrow) in addition to turned downwards the KAIELIA TRAIL (grey/silver #3) towards DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD.

The higher upward is modified from an information board map erected close the eastern start of the KUAOKALA ACCESS ROAD. 
It was hither I met some other trekker who had come upward up from DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD. He planned to supply via my proposed route along the RIDGE TRAIL in addition to asked if I wanted to bring together him. Now I’m a chip of a loner but all the guides tell don’t hike alone, hence I joined in. Turned out existent good on account:
*he was a immature bloke in addition to walked 50% faster than my geezers’ shuffle which allowed me to comprehend the Earth inward much less fourth dimension than originally thought, especially since similar me he didn’t believe inward balance stops, except to snap pix. I think he was a chip surprised how I kept upward on the many steep pinches along the way, but the fact is I’m a real lucifer quondam geezer.
*he had existent expert bush sense in addition to seemed to accept the right runway junction every fourth dimension (he swore he had no prior sense of most of our route) whereas I only deal it i inward 3 (I tiddler you lot not).
* he had his auto at DILLINGHAM in addition to I hoped to claw a ride amongst him dorsum to the double-decker stop. Turned out fifty-fifty ameliorate – his domicile was inward HONOLULU in addition to hence he could drib me on the outskirts of HALEIWA (I was staying inward HALEIWA) along the way.

Pretty expert information board at PEACOCK FLATS junction.
There are several expert overviews of the lower NORTH SHORE along the EAST KUAOKALA ACCESS ROAD but the atmospheric condition was setting inward in addition to my persuasion was largely obscured yesteryear cloud. 
We were lucky,it  only rained slightly hence the roads in addition to tracks didn’t operate muddy.

Let’s distinguish this from the similarly named KUAOKALA ACCESS ROAD. The latter which for its western one-half runs roughly parallel a brusk distance inland to the N is a gravel route broad plenty for 2 vehicles inward most areas whereas the RIDGE TRACK is precisely that, a trekking runway along the border (or real close) of the ridge, likewise narrow, twisting, steep inward parts, in addition to crude oil for vehicles. It tended to receive got lots of rocks, roots in addition to unloose materials underfoot. I reckon the steep pinches in addition to crude oil surface would endure likewise hard for most cyclists.
However at no fourth dimension did I think it likewise hard for the average trekker – inward fact unremarkably the bonus of several expert viewpoints downwards over the LEEWARD COAST would brand this the ameliorate option for people heading westward towards the TRACKING STATION. However the bad atmospheric condition made views fleeting.

Doesn’t await good.

The best persuasion of the LEEWARD COAST I got thru a intermission inward the clouds.

Our 2.5mi/4.0km/55-65mins westward trek along the KUAOKALA (RIDGE) TRAIL (white arrow – #2) started at the white junction lower centre in addition to ended at the junction amongst the western start of the KUAOKALA ACCESS ROAD (indigo – #1) close the top left corner.
The far left route coming upward from the due south indicated yesteryear the ruddy arrow is the permit-only TRACKING STATION access route from YOKOHAMA BAY.

We saw no other people along here.


We began our 50/60 infinitesimal eastwards trek dorsum along the WEST KUAOKALA ACCESS RD (indigo #1) at its junction amongst the RIDGE TRAIL at the indigo grade top left. 

I scream back the transition was pretty seem-less – but I don’t scream back seeing whatever spaced-out structures (the TRACKING STATION is pretty close) or fifty-fifty the parking expanse close the junction (this would endure ideal for permit holders who receive got driven upward from YOKOHAMA BAY in addition to think to trek the RIDGE TRAIL-WEST KUAOKALA RD loop.
The latter was real similar to its EASTERN SECTION – winding in addition to undulating but never excessively steep, surface okay gravel in addition to supposedly occasional glimpses of the NORTH SHORE which nosotros didn’t run into because of the weather.
After most 2mi/3.3km (maybe a piddling more) nosotros reached the T junction to plough left downwards the KAIELIA (yellow #3) to DILLINGHAM.

We saw 1 other trekker in addition to i (private) off-road vehicle along WEST KUAOKALA RD.


I receive got already given details of this trail upward page – suffice to tell going DOWN it at the destination of a real long solar daytime was pretty good. We made nifty fourth dimension in addition to I flora myself at the DILLINGHAM AIRFIELD PARKING AREA nearly half-dozen hours after starting farther due east of my starting dot at the MOKULE’LA ACCESS RD trailhead.

Unfortunately the rudimentary cropping tool on my estimator did’t permit me to cutting out the trails in addition to roads to the left (west) of the KAIELIA – hence concentrate on the yellowish #3 trail. The dotted trace is the operate for trails (solid, winding for roads) – the directly enterprise lines are mainly borders of hunting zones in addition to similar.

In the downhill direction, views human face upward you lot which makes sightseeing easier than when climbing. My shot upward page over the airfield from the trail was suffering a chip from the bad atmospheric condition – this is some other much ameliorate i I borrowed from  DOBBS: on walkabout
Note the clearer conditions brand the north-west tip of the isle fairly slowly to see.

The ride I got to HALEIWA from my novel hiking buddy was a God shipping – I ended upward much before than I thought sitting on the raise balcony of my digs behind HAWEIWA BEACH sipping a mutual depression temperature beer spell watching a fashion shoot my AIRBNB hostess TERRI had arranged for a boutique owning friend.
Good combination: downing an ice-cold Kona spell scoping out a pretty wahini.



Cebu, Boracay! Im Inwards Philippines

Warm days that surrounded yesteryear turquoise body of body of water H2O Cebu, Boracay! Im In Philippines

Warm days that surrounded yesteryear turquoise body of body of water water, powdery white sand as well as your soul simply exposed to beautiful timeless sunsets.

A nail of today’s hits playing on the nights of Boracay. Beach bars scattered along the paths of Station 1 to Station 3. Swaying away to the beat nosotros walked happily, lungs filled amongst the scent of seafood, from i bar to about other beach club. Anywhere feels similar sky on globe (except that its overcrowded amongst tourists)

Warm days that surrounded yesteryear turquoise body of body of water H2O Cebu, Boracay! Im In Philippines

The intention for this Boracay trip was simple; To forget as well as ENJOY. There are no rules for this trip, no must-visit landmarks, no cultural engagement. Just for the offset time, pure entertainment. 
Warm days that surrounded yesteryear turquoise body of body of water H2O Cebu, Boracay! Im In Philippines

The Journey from Cebu to Boracay was an exciting one. The flying was filled amongst beach-goers all cook for the crazy nights to come, the long ease nether the summertime sun. We felt immature inwards the flight. What made the journeying long (and exhausting) was that after y’all province at the Kalibo airport, y’all select to larn into a shuttle motorcoach that gets y’all to about arrival hall. After that, y’all select to pay to larn a ride to the jetty which is nigh one-half an hour. The jetty terminal is flooded amongst people all waiting, rushing, LOST. Then y’all select to become on a 15mins boat ride to Boracay Island.  Once y’all become far inwards Boracay, y’all select to larn into about other taxi to drive upwardly to your hotel. H5N1 iii hours nightmare.

Sadly but predictably, the massages inwards Boracay sucks, also, its pricier than what y’all tin larn inwards Bali. The masseuses are noisy! Always chatting amongst each other no affair which massage house y’all become to! We had iii massages inwards iii different places as well as goodness, they can’t unopen up.

I am a foodie as well as e’er opened upwardly to trying something new. Though Philippines Cuisine is catching on, it’s nonetheless non every bit pop every bit other Asian cuisines. I personally don’t similar it at all. I was literally hungry the entire fourth dimension as well as was cook to settle for a loving cup noodle from 7-11. Most of their dishes are basic as well as tasteless (unless y’all honey sourness or soy sauce). 
Boracay is in all likelihood the worst tourist trap inwards the Philippines. It is really pricey here, international cuisines especially. Most of the beach clubs require an entrance fee. Also, they don’t genuinely become large on haggling prices different most developing asian countries.
but everything else fades to nada i time y’all larn to consider the

Warm days that surrounded yesteryear turquoise body of body of water H2O Cebu, Boracay! Im In Philippines
Warm days that surrounded yesteryear turquoise body of body of water H2O Cebu, Boracay! Im In Philippines

I select been to countless beaches, from Bali to the famous Cinque Terre, to Phuket, to Barcelona, Italy,  and nada compares to Boracay! The sunsets hither are otherworldly as well as the sunrise is worth waking upwardly to. I experience theres something magical nigh sunsets as well as sunrises, it felt similar yesteryear doing so, you’re cleansing something inside you.

The beaches are PERFECTION. I am surprised yesteryear the cleanliness of the beach. Despite the 24hours beach parties, they somehow managed to keep such cleanliness. It likewise helps that no smoking is allowed except for designated areas.

We came hither to political party as well as that’s what nosotros did every night! it wasn’t disappointing at all, nosotros all had a blast.

two nights inwards Cebu was simply squeamish for us. The metropolis of Cebu is really busy every bit compared to Boracay.
I felt similar Im inwards two different countries when inwards Cebu City as well as inwards Boracay. In Cebu, I consider alot of beggars as well as the air felt polluted. The traffic was insane hence nosotros prefer to larn a bike taxi to larn us around.
The highlight of this Cebu trip has definitely got to live swimming amongst the Whale Sharks.
I select mixed feelings nigh this experience. 
Warm days that surrounded yesteryear turquoise body of body of water H2O Cebu, Boracay! Im In Philippines

wow. H5N1 unopen run into as well as such a humbling experience swimming amongst these beautiful, majestic, gentle creatures. You volition live lay inwards a grouping of nigh 10 into a pocket-sized boat where they’ll convey y’all towards the centre of the enclosed expanse where they lulled the whale sharks. It didn’t sink inwards until much subsequently how large these creatures were. I recall seeing bubbles as well as displace inwards the water, as well as and hence mouths as well as and hence to a greater extent than movement. My conduct announced loudly ” ok larn inwards now!”


After that amazing experience, I genuinely felt guilty. I realise how many tourists were genuinely swimming amongst the whale sharks at once. And how the fisherman lulled the whale sharks amongst food. I know for a fact its definitely disrupting the natural nutrient bike of the whale sharks. Later, I read the whale sharks are forthwith spending upwardly to half dozen hours feeding inwards Oslob, losing out on about of the telephone commutation nutrients that they gain from foraging naturally. That existence said, I wont back upwardly such action as well as volition non live doing it again. I promise to live a responsible traveller as well as to educate y’all if you’re unaware of such practises. 

Pictures of spectacular waterfalls inwards Cebu has flooded Instagram as well as has fuelled the wanderlust for me to come upwardly as well as consider for myself. It didn’t disappoint me at all! We managed to view the Tumalog Falls which was spectacular as well as thankfully non crowded, It is much less pop than the Kawasan Falls but our conduct said most locals prefer the Tumalog Falls because its beautiful

Let the pictures create the talking because the fusion nutrient institute inwards these famous cafes are delicious!

1. 10,000 roses cafe! Beautiful & definitely Instagram worthy!

2. The seafood house adjacent to 10,000 roses. Dine inwards yesteryear the footling hut overlooking the sea. Their fresh mango milk shiver is to choke for. I literally finished it inwards v minues.
3. H5N1 Korean fusion cafe at Cebu City
Warm days that surrounded yesteryear turquoise body of body of water H2O Cebu, Boracay! Im In Philippines  
I enjoyed this opor-garai as well as glad that I’ve ticked the Philippines off my list. Im nonetheless searching for the adjacent destination that tin blew my heed away amongst their sunset similar how Boracay did!