Dolok Tolong, Balige

Dolok Tolong is near five kilometers westward of the metropolis but Balige. The peak is at an height of 1200 meters inwards a higher house ocean level.
Dolok Tolong, Balige
On the transcend of mount institute mikcowave tower edifice to the needs of domestic satellite communications arrangement owned past times Telkom. Towards the top, Telkom has made adept roads together with maintained, together with thus you lot should non hesitate to select all kinds of vehicles there.
When climbing, you lot volition locomote presented the beautiful scenery surrounding province around the lake toba. If you lot are a photographer, avoid heat, due to the maximum evaporation procedure of the lake Toba, Samosir together with thus it may non seem obvious together with most surface of the lake toba. Photo that I present hither was at the fourth dimension of maximum evaporation conditions.
At the get-go of the climb nosotros expect toward the west, the stretch of paddy fields Tampahan (now a district independently of District Balige) decorated mountain, route together with lake toba. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 few minutes later, nosotros tin expect towards the north, rice fields around Hinalang to bulge Tarabunga stunning headland. We seemed to locomote on board the giant across the lake toba. When looking towards the East volition expect Balige area, Laguboti, Silaen, Sigumpar together with Porsea. To the southeast nosotros tin clearly run across that a plateau Sibodiala Dolok neighbors please.
Dolok Tolong, Balige
Unfortunately, nosotros did non honour the house looking similar a tourist facilities around the mountain. Maybe this is non idea local authorities Tobasa, or never idea near it together with lookout the greatness of the potential place of view.
On the transcend of  mountain nosotros honour likewise the sacred springs. The saltation H2O was maintained Telkom together with protective fencing. It was said that the H2O was never dry. Who had the fortune volition honour water, together with fared less well, H2O could non exist.
For those who never went to schoolhouse inwards the mount Soposurung volition definitely recognize it, but mayhap non solely been enjoying the persuasion from there. Well, bask it for what it is.
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