Getting To Togean Islands Together With Go Information

Sometimes, it requires large assay only instruct to the places that nosotros desire to. But when nosotros in conclusion arrive at to the finish together with uncovering it beautiful or beyond our expectation, together with thence nosotros experience happy, satisfy, together with full, double times more! That’s my exact feeling virtually Togean Islands. The entirely matter I regret is, I should’ve rest longer.
I received friends questioning virtually Togean Islands, by together with large on how to instruct at that spot together with I’m pretty certain many of y’all are looking for the same thing. It takes a long long fourth dimension to instruct to the isle together with at that spot even thence less information virtually it. Here I’ll essay to summarize on how to instruct to Togean Islands also equally where to stay.

Getting to Togean Islands  
Togean Islands are located inwards the middle of Tomini Gulf. Two mutual routes to instruct to the islands are via Ampana together with Gorontalo.

1. via Ampana
The easiest agency to instruct to Ampana is past times flying from Palu City. From Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, or Makassar, select grip of a flying to Palu together with thence some other flying to Ampana. Expected to rest a nighttime inwards Palu because the flying schedule from Palu to Ampana, operated past times Wings Air is currently operated entirely 1 time inwards a twenty-four hr catamenia at 11.35 a.m. Once you’re inwards Ampana, y’all even thence own got to instruct a boat to Wakai. The boat leaves everyday at ix a.m. together with y’all volition instruct inwards to a greater extent than or less two p.m. (5 hours). The toll of the boat is Rp 150.000/person. Recommended hotel for an overnight rest inwards Ampana is Oasis Hotel
2. via Gorontalo
 *note: no ferry service from xix May to xix June due to ferry maintenance.

Take a flying from Djakarta or Surabaya to Gorontalo. Next, caput to the ferry terminal which is virtually an hour. Ferry to Wakai leaves from Gorontalo every Tuesday together with Fri at vi p.m. The ferry ride takes to a greater extent than or less 12 hours together with y’all volition instruct inwards in Wakai on the adjacent morning. The toll for the ferry ride is Rp 64.000 for economic scheme degree (no AC), Rp 89.000 for concern degree (with AC), or Rp 500.000 for a cabin, fits for 4 people. Recommended hotel for an overnight rest inwards Gorontalo is Melati Hotel.

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Traveled inwards 29 Apr – 4 May 2017
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