Indonesia best time to visit : Exciting, Mentawai Surfing Contest Flat Score Asia

<a href="">Indonesia best time to visit</a> : Exciting, Mentawai Surfing Contest Flat Score Asia

Mentawai Islands has a lot of the best surfing spot in the whole sea area. West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno, in a press conference at the House of Sapta Enchantment, Jakarta, Thursday (04/11/2013), said that there are more than 70 points surfing throughout the Mentawai Islands.
In Indonesia, probably the best Mentawai surf spot her, if equated with her might be like in Hawaii,” said Irwan.
With the best surfing spots, each year inwards the Mentawai surfing competitions and events held this year held “Mentawai Surf Pro International Competition” organized by the association of surfing in Asia, Asian Surf Competition (ASC).
The ministry alone there are 7 tours to special interest (special interest), one of which was no sport tourism (sport touring) and surfing including the sports tourism,” said Director General of Tourism Marketing Kemenparekraf Esthy Reko Astuty, on the same occasion.
Implementation of these activities will move held on 21 to 29 April 2013 in the southern purpose of the isle of Sipora precisely at Lances Right, Katiet.
“The opening of the event itself in Lanches Right, Katiet. This is one of the regions with the best surfing spots in the world, said Head of Culture Youth and Sport Tourism Desti Seminora.
Operation Mentawai Surf Pro International Competition 2013″ itself will be followed by 43 surfers, followed by the Asia-surfers and surfers from the local Mentawai surfing community.