Indonesia best time to visit : Fishing, Tourism Typical Indonesia Event

<a href="">Indonesia best time to visit</a> : Fishing, Tourism Typical Indonesia Event

Deputy Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, said Nirwandar fishing competition will be promoted so that a typical tourist event in Indonesia. Musi River to last one very representative fishing locations to last offered to foreign tourists, Sapta said when opening the Mushi International Fishing Tournament, in Palembang, Saturday (01/12/2012).
According to Seven, much tin be encouraged to give-up the ghost a leading tourist in Indonesia including the Musi River in Palembang with unique and has a diversity of fish and other biota. Therefore it continues to push to the implementation of the city’s attractions including pempek become an international fishing competition as an annual event.
Sapta said the development of tourism will have an touching on on the economic growth in the region. “People can feel the straight impact of tourism development, such every bit increased demand for traditional foods and crafts every bit good as the chop-chop growing hospitality industry, he said.
While Palembang mayor Eddy Santana Putra explained, international fishing competition set upward as tourist activities each year. “This time not only Asia but the activity participants attended as good every bit representatives from four other continents,” he said.
Eddy adds, fishing competition has likewise become one of the steps to raise world awareness to refrain from illegal fishing.