Indonesiabest destinations : Booyah 2012! #Power2domore Adjacent Year!

Here comes again, the final solar daytime of the year, about other novel yr to come. People are busy preparing, celebrating the upcoming novel things, novel year, novel whatever they mightiness say, together with of course, the resolutions.

People been tweeting, together with about are asking, blame @aviantumengkol who asked me over together with over in 1 trial again close my novel year’s resolution. I’m sad Avian, I’m thus lame on making novel year’s resolution. Then afterwards few days Avian been quest me everyday, at in 1 trial comes the final solar daytime of the year. I am thinking hard, what sort of resolutions I tin write, together with I found.. None.

So I said to myself, okay hither comes the final solar daytime of the year, but it is simply about other novel solar daytime for me, perchance for a calendar month I’ll ever write “2011” every fourth dimension I convey to write the schedule, together with thus on calendar month 2 we’ll teach used to write “2012”

Back to the thus called resolutions, most people commonly having resolutions, something they wanna make side past times side year, about are even thus having the same every bit final year’s. It’s a neo-over together with over again. Not that I don’t similar it, nor that I am skeptic of it, its simply I don’t have. I am having goals, targets inward my life, but non every bit a novel years resolutions..

So inward this really final solar daytime of the year, I’m simply looking back, seeing what been happening inward 2011. Then I said, wow, damn- a lot! This yr been a roller coaster ride, every bit inward experiences terms, together with about changing inward life has happened.. Well, perchance 2010 besides brought a lot of life changing experiences, but looking dorsum similar this, having a flash of a yr – 2011 on my mind, it is amazing.

So yous mightiness convey the non thus proficient year, yous mightiness lose somebody yous love, yous mightiness having bad experiences this year, but then, hold off in 1 trial again how many proficient things happening, hold off how many fourth dimension you’ve laughed on 2011? I bet yous – together with I cannot count. So I said, my novel year’s resolution.. Err, no, no novel year, I’ll simply gonna motion into a last-day of the yr resolution of mine is spending the final of this yr amongst a smile, perchance a lot of laugh. I’ll savour the solar daytime together with engagement changing moments amongst cherishing all I have, what I’ve been through all this 2011.

And on 31 Dec 2011, at the really 23:59 I’ll tell “Hey 2011, yous rocks!” together with thus we’ll scream “Bring it on 2012!” because, simply because.. Life is an uncertain journey, what volition happen, permit it be, simply concealment the sweet-sour-spicy sort of life, together with I challenge 2012 to gimme the surprises. Lets! Booyah people!!!!

Crazy happy over her 2011, even thus crazy on 2012- I bet.