Indonesiabest destinations : Falling

my friend said to me..
why people convey to telephone telephone it falling..
why don’t nosotros simply telephone telephone that flying, she said..
displace she wants to live on inward control
command the heights, when to deed up, add together to a greater extent than height.. or when to instruct a fight lower, together with to live on dorsum to the dry reason equally she controls it..

but my dear, when u tin control, that’s non it..
it called falling displace generally it hurts.., I said..
but nosotros can’t resist that.. it also feels similar gravity took y’all down.. a strength of nature, unexplainable.. fifty-fifty Einstein can’t depict the correct equation for this falling events..

but it depends.. volition u autumn into a soft-feather like-ground.. smooth.. together with the province simply encompass y’all well.. Just a correct house to fall..
or mightiness be.. nosotros convey to autumn into the existent difficult ground..and it hurts.. together with thence much..
but, again, fourth dimension volition heal.. bruises volition fade..
together with we’ll stand upwards up again,
fifty-fifty though I’ll never forget which places took me down, got me fallen..
I simply can’t expression for my adjacent fall..

cause.. the adrenaline rush, the chaotic on my cerebrum, my subliminal dreams, tummy discomfort, spontaneous blush, the giddy dance..

all fabulous

I’m ready.. surprise me