Penglipuran Bali, village with No Pollution No Noise That Can Purify You From Within

Bali island popular as travel destinations which offers various beautiful spot. Bali have many nature destinations good for health and body. Bali also provide various tour package like ecotourism, healthy-tourism, adventure tour, sport tour and nature village tour.

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The island of Bali is a very popular tourist destination among tourists both local and foreign countries. Nevertheless, many tourists who only know the attractions of Bali just beaches and other natural attractions. Basically not just presents the tourist attractions of the beach or nature tourism that alone, but also cultural tourism and bali custom which is very thick and we should visit.

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Penglipuran Village in Bangli Regency, Bali is one of the implementing this way. Tourists who come to Penglipuran Village can stay and interact with the culture of the local people.

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Penglipuran Village became one of the many tourist destinations ogled foreign tourists. For those who want to enjoy the sensation of the Island of the Gods with a cool atmosphere can stop by Penglipuran Village located at an altitude of 700 meters above the sea surface of Bali.

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Penglipuran Village is a traditional village of Bali which is very thick with their harmony and togetherness. Penglipuran village is located in kampong village, bangli district, bangli-Bali district. This village has been awarded Kalpataru award.

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Not only the life of indigenous people of Bali who still adhere to the tradition of ancestors. Penglipuran village also has an amazing magnet to attract the attention of visitors with a beautiful village layout and away from pollution.

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Vehicles, cars or motorcycles are not allowed to come to Penglipuran Village. So visitors must walk to the village Penglipuran. Furthermore, tourists can also tour the bamboo forest around Penglipuran Village.

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According to the Penglipuran Village community, the word penglipuran is taken from the word Pengeling Pura which has the meaning of a sacred place intended to commemorate the ancestors. Discussing the ancestors, it turns out that the people who live in Penglipuran Village are very high in mandate from their ancestors. Evident from the formation of village penglipuran very priority to this harmony. The most prominent feature of Penglipuran Village is that the traditional architecture of the village has on average an exact same architecture from one end of the village to the other.

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This uniqueness makes Penglipuran Village very beautiful with a very neat symmetry arranged between 1 house with other house. The gate in each house of Penglipuran Village facing each other is limited only by the small main road in the middle. The gate is called Angkul-angkul (typical Balinese gate) which also has the same architecture as the angkul-angkul of every house in Penglipuran Village. The main road in the village of penglipuran leads to the main part of the village which is at the highest peak.

First you enter Penglipuran Village area, you will be served a very cool and fresh atmosphere, it is because this area is 700 meters above sea level. Apart from that, Penglipuran Village is cool due to the absence of pollution caused by motor vehicles in Penglipuran Village area. The total area of Penglipuran Village is about 112 hectares, not too tired if you browse the village on foot while enjoying the beauty around the village penglipuran.

If you want to travel to Penglipuran Village, it’s good you travel near the galungan or after the feast of galungan. Galungan holiday is a big Hindu religious holiday in Bali which is commemorated every 6 months. When the feast of Galungan, you will see jail penjor (Means of Hindu people in the form of long bamboo trees with their ends are decorated and plugged in front of the yard of the house) that adorn every house in Penglipuran Village. There will be bali girls dressed in Balinese customs who bring banten to the temple.

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