Visitindonesia; Diving Spots Inwards Nusa Penida Bali, Indonesia

Who loves traveling as well as exploring the nature? Well, Bali has as well as then many tourist destinations for y’all who lead keep a passion for adventure. This time, nosotros volition boot the bucket to Nusa Penida. The isle lies at the eastward of Bali. It has 3 master copy islands, i.e. Nusa Besar (Nusa Penida), Nusa Ceningan as well as Nusa Lembongan. The stretch of sand as well as rocky province amongst diverse marine tourism as well as civilization boot the bucket the master copy attraction. The isle has been well-known amongst beautiful marine life every bit well.
The marine common spreads along the island. The visitor volition dear to reckon crystal as well as clear water. Most of them can’t fifty-fifty hold off to snorkel as well as dive. To accomplish Nusa Penida, at that topographic point are 3 routes y’all tin take. Firstly, from Sanur Beach to Nusa Penida, that takes 2 hours past times motor boat. Secondly, from Benoa Port to Nusa Penida that takes 1.5 hours past times Bali Hai Cruises as well as Bounty Cruises. Thirdly, from Padang Bai Port to Mentigi Port that takes 1.5 hours past times ferry. Here are some diving spots y’all tin endeavor when y’all view Nusa Penida inwards Bali.

Visitindonesia; Diving Spots Inwards Nusa Penida Bali, Indonesia

Lembongan Bay
This site is located inwards the protected surface area amongst shallow H2O around v to 10 meters depth. Lembongan Bay offers y’all soft as well as difficult corals. The coral consists of many fishes. This is the best house to dive for amateur who yet learning to dive as well as snorkel.
Gamat Bay
The distance of this spot is non also far from Toyapakeh diving spot. The H2O is as well as then clear amongst steep corals as well as the hills straight to the strait. Even, Gamat becomes ane of the best sites inwards Nusa Penida because y’all don’t postulate to drift diving also much. You tin explore little caves as well as rifts to notice colorful fishes as well as other marine life.
Manta Point
When y’all dive inwards Manta Point, y’all may run across 3 to four manta exploring this area. The spot only similar underwater gradient amongst 50 meters depth. There is no stone hither because the surface area is fulfilled past times limestone. Besides manta, y’all also tin swim together amongst mackerel as well as tuna.

Malibu Point

Malibu Point is also pop for divers from around the globe because inwards this spot, y’all tin run across tuna, runner rainbow, reef sharks as well as stingrays. The visibility is clear around twenty meters. Divers volition dear to dive hither because at that topographic point are some apartment corals.
Toyapakeh is nominated every bit the most beautiful diving spots inwards Nusa Penida because the surface area is protected from waves as well as electrical flow of water. Although the electrical flow of H2O is rigid but it yet tin hold out tolerated. You volition notice blueish trigger fishes as well as sharks inwards several spots close Pontoon. The shallow spots are expert to snorkel. The visibility is around thirty meters amongst clear water.

Crystal Bay
When y’all dive inwards Crystal Bay, y’all volition notice an underwater cave organization starting from 10 meters depth. It volition hold out terminate within a hole that becomes a habitation for bats. This spot lies at beautiful lagoon amongst white sand. If underwater electrical flow is calm, divers volition hold out able to savor the scenery of marine life. Even, y’all may reckon nurse sharks as well as sunfish hiding behind the rocks.

SD Point
The electrical flow H2O of SD Point is rigid as well as sometimes y’all tin run across sharks as well as sunfish. This spot is suitable to a diver who is looking challenging adventure. You volition savor the scenery of underwater life because the visibility is around twenty meters.
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