Visitindonesia; Kalong Island, Visiting An Isle Amongst 1000000 Bats Inwards Eastward Nusa Tengara

Kalong Island is a pocket-size isle roughly Komodo National Park. The place is betwixt Rinca Island as well as Papagarang Island. Local resident refer the isle every bit Kalong Island because it is surrounded past times mangrove wood as well as meg of bats. The full expanse of the isle is non to a greater extent than than 5 hectares. Every day, domestic as well as international tourists come upward hither to encounter groups of bats, specially earlier sunset.
Kalong Island lies roughly 8 km from Labuan Bajo Port past times speedboat. It tin hold upward reached less than an hour. This is i of pop spot that becomes a principal entrance for tourists to watch Komodo Island as well as Rinca Island.
Visitindonesia; Kalong Island, Visiting An Isle Amongst 1000000 Bats Inwards Eastward Nusa Tengara
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To brand your opor-garai larn out to a greater extent than comfortable as well as well-organized, yous are suggested to accept a move sailing trip that offers yous an overnight rest inwards Kalong Island. The charge per unit of measurement is ranging from IDR1,000,000 – IDR2,000,000 or US$100 – US$200. The charge per unit of measurement is fixed if yous rootage your trip from Labuan Bajo or roughly Komodo National Park. But, if yous rootage your journeying from Lombok, the charge per unit of measurement is roughly IDR3,000,000 or US$300. 
If yous desire to practice something different, yous tin rent a speedboat inwards the port past times paying IDR750,000 – IDR1,500,000 or US$75 – US$150 per day. The charge per unit of measurement depends on your destinations as well as numbers of passengers. If yous desire to explore Kalong Island or the islands roughly Komodo Island, at that spot are many hotels inwards Labuhan Bajo. You tin pass the nighttime hither to maintain your conduct chances for the adjacent day.
Kalong Island is the mangrove wood expanse as well as it has an of import purpose to residual to nature, specially the sea. As master habitat for bats, yous are suggested to come upward when the solar daytime close black because at the day, they slumber or only hanging on the tree over the island. Usually, the participants that bring together inwards the sailing trip, they volition hold upward at that spot roughly 18.00 local time.
The send volition larn out along the side where the sunset tin hold upward seen clearly. The repose of low-cal from the Sun becomes the background of millions of bats. They wing energetically past times making a dissonance as well as thundering toward Labuhan Bajo. This minute is scheduled to brand the participants able to encounter the rite of bats when they come upward out from the island. 
That is why the expanse of the isle becoming crowded at sunset. You volition rest at that spot as well as maintain your journeying to other islands roughly Kalong Island. Kalong Island is an unpopulated isle as well as yous tin larn out within because the topography roughly the isle is dominated past times dense mangrove wood as well as yous cannot larn out through it. Besides that, the isle is likewise occupied past times big snakes.
With this uniqueness, that makes Kalong Island larn out i of tourist destinations for visitors who desire to larn out to Komodo National Park. The beauty of the isle as well as clear H2O volition accompany yous along the journey. If yous brand it at the day, yous however tin conduct hold fun past times snorkeling or diving. These activities larn out option ways yous tin practice piece waiting sunset. While diving, yous tin bask natural coral reefs that however well-maintained.
And if yous however conduct hold time, yous tin watch Loh Buaya inwards Rinca Island or Komodo Island to encounter gigantic reptile.