Visitindonesia; Karimunjawa Islands, Nearly Favorite Snorkeling In Addition To Diving Spots Inwards Key Java, Indonesia

Karimunjawa Islands or Karimunjawa National Park is a paradise for divers. You tin create many H2O activities, such every bit swimming, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, hoping, in addition to sunbathing happily. The beauty of coral reefs in addition to colorful fish larn the primary attraction for you lot who dearest to play inwards the water. The H2O inwards Karimunjawa is real laid upward clean then that you lot tin encounter the seabed clearly. For you lot who similar to fish, you lot tin create that inwards many islands inwards Karimunjawa.
To view the islands, you lot tin guide keep a boat which doesn’t guide keep much fourth dimension because the location is adjacent. There is also a boat that has drinking glass at the bottom. This is a perfect alternative if you lot don’t desire to dive but nonetheless curious to encounter coral reefs in addition to fish. Karimunjawa National Park consists of 27 groups of little islands in addition to v islands with them are populated, i.e. Parang Island, Nyamuk Island, Karimunjawa Island, Kemujan Island in addition to Genting Island. Those islands guide keep white sand in addition to expect then clear in addition to natural.

Visitindonesia; Karimunjawa  Islands, Nearly Favorite Snorkeling In Addition To Diving Spots Inwards Key Java, Indonesia
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Actually, at that spot are many favorite islands that larn the primary attraction for tourists here, i.e. Menjangan Besar Island, Tajung Gelam Island, Cemara Kecil Island, Cemara Besar Island in addition to Menjangan Kecil Island. And now, let’s view those islands i past times one.

·        Menjangan Besar Island
On this island, you lot tin uncovering shark breeding. You tin challenge yourself to stand upward or swim together with the sharks. Don’t last afraid because they are tame in addition to friendly to human being.
·        Menjangan Kecil Island
On this island, you lot tin uncovering colorful fish in addition to they expect then beautiful. Besides that, the seabed is clear. Thus, if you lot similar snorkeling, Menjangan Kecil Island is the correct house for you.
·        Cemara Kecil Island in addition to Cemara Besar Island
Both islands guide keep pino trees, in addition to peradventure the refer of the islands comes from the tree. In Bahasa Indonesia, Cemara agency pine. The other uniqueness inwards these islands is the coastline has white sand in addition to jutting into the sea.
·        Tanjung Gelam Island
This is a beautiful isle with a stretch of white sand in addition to clear H2O with turquoise color. Everyone volition dearest to come upward in addition to relax here. 
Karimunjawa Island lies at Jave Sea, northward of Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia. To accomplish the island, at that spot are many options, i.e.
·        By speedboat from Semarang City.
From Semarang, you lot tin driblet dead to Karimunjawa Islands through Tanjung Emas Port past times speed boat. It takes approximately 4 – half-dozen hours depend on the weather.
·        By boat from Jepara
From Jepara, you lot tin driblet dead to Karimunjawa through Kartini Port. You tin select speedboat or a ferry that is slower in addition to cheaper that takes approximately 2.5 – 3 hours.
·        By plane
If you lot guide keep plenty budget, traveling past times a airplane is the easiest choice. By little airplane from Ahmad Yani Airport inwards Semarang, you lot tin driblet dead to Dewa Daru Airport inwards Kemujan Island. This is i of the islands inwards Karimunjawa. From the height, you lot tin encounter the beauty of Karimunjawa Island earlier you lot landing. It volition guide keep approximately xxx minutes.

The ticket is quite inexpensive because you lot exclusively require to pay IDR65,000 or US$6 for executive class, in addition to IDR80,000 or US$8 for VIP class. The facilities are also adequate because it has comfortable chairs, air conditioning room, in addition to snack box. The capacity of the send is approximately 190 passengers. Thus, you lot guide keep to reserve it earlier you lot go. On Friday, the send volition depart exclusively i time at 14.00 p.m.


Beside enjoying the beauty of the ocean in addition to beaches, you lot also tin view traditional marketplace or visiting fishermen that fish inwards the ocean to larn fish. If you lot desire to pass the nighttime inwards Karimunjawa Islands, at that spot are many lodges, luxurious resorts in addition to affordable hotels inwards the little islands. Even, local residents render Homestays for tourists who desire to relish the natural atmosphere with cheaper rates.
But, if you lot similar to relish something different, you lot tin remain inwards Wisma Apung. This is a floating gild in addition to the distance is non likewise far from the coastline. The charge per unit of measurement to remain inwards in the Homestay is approximately IDR65,000 – IDR125,000 or US$6.5 – US$12.5 per night. In the hotel, the charge per unit of measurement is approximately IDR200,000 – IDR2,500,000 or US$20 – US$250 per night.

Strolling inwards the isle is the commencement activity you lot tin create to explore Karimunjawa. You exclusively require to pay approximately IDR350, 000 – IDR450,000 or US$35 – US$45 past times hiring a boat from fishermen to driblet dead to many snorkeling spots. If you lot don’t convey snorkeling equipment, you lot tin rent from them past times paying IDR35,000 – IDR50,000 or US$3.5 – US$5. By snorkeling, you lot tin encounter wonderful underwater life, such every bit coral reefs, colorful fish, in addition to crystal water.
After snorkeling, you lot tin view Gosongan Seloka. The isle tin last visited exclusively when the tide is low. Local resident calls the isle every bit Gosongan because the isle is fulfilled past times sand in addition to at that spot is no vegetation. Gosongan is located at Tanjung Seloka. That is why the isle is known every bit Gosongan Seloka. The best fourth dimension to view the isle is from 13.00 pm or 15.00 pm. To accomplish Gosongan Seloka, you lot guide keep to walk or swim. Don’t forget to apparel your shoes to avoid you lot from the poisonous substance of rock fish.
After enjoying Gosongan Seloka, you lot tin driblet dead to Cilik Island. But, if you lot desire to relish consummate adventure, you lot guide keep to convey an underwater camera. The beauty of underwater life is then stunning. By walking for almost fifteen minutes from Cilik Island, you lot tin view i of the favorite snorkeling spot, i.e. Tengah Island. The isle has ocean anemones in addition to difficult coral. You also tin encounter cute fish in addition to other marine life.
When you lot view Karimunjawa, you lot guide keep to larn upward early on to relish sunrise inwards Palem Beach. Bring your photographic tv set camera to capture the exotic scenery inwards the morning. When the twenty-four threescore minutes catamenia starts to hot, you lot tin driblet dead on visiting the Menjangan Besar Island. By paying IDR5,000 or US$0.5, you lot swim together with babe sharks. The shark breeding lies approximately fifteen minutes past times walking from Karimunjawa Pier. This is form of floating solid inwards the middle of the sea. If you lot come upward inside, you lot volition encounter if this edifice is made from wood. Around the building, at that spot are ii big ponds that are total of sharks. You tin swim together with the sharks in addition to other fish freely.
The following finish is the Menjangan Kecil Island. It takes approximately 20 minutes from the Menjangan Besar Island. The panorama inwards this isle is then amazing. You tin snorkeling, kayaking in addition to playing banana boat to challenge your adrenaline. When you lot view this island, don’t forget to convey the white breadstuff because you lot tin feed the fish here.
The best fourth dimension to view Karimunjawa Island is from March to Oct because the weather condition to a greater extent than friendly to you lot in addition to you lot tin explore many islands there.