Visitindonesia; Kepa Island, A Virgin Marine Commons Inward Due East Nusa Tenggara

Kepa Island is ane of tourist destinations inwards East Nusa Tenggara. For those who dear H2O activities volition involvement to take in the island. The isle has stretch of white sand every bit smoothen every bit flour as well as turquoise H2O amongst peaceful atmosphere. Staring the body of body of water amongst gain of hills as well as small-scale islands around Kepa volition give y’all tranquility. The small-scale moving ridge of H2O runs toward the coastline together amongst small-scale boats.
Kepa Island is located at Alor Regency as well as it is ane of big islands here. Alor has xv islands as well as vi amid them are inhabited. Alor Island itself is nominated every bit the paradise of corals. The beauty is nonetheless virgin because the status is nonetheless natural as well as original.
Visitindonesia; Kepa Island, A Virgin Marine Commons Inward Due East Nusa Tenggara
Kepa Island lies at Alor Regency, East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia. It takes around 10 minutes past times motor boat from Kecil Island Pier at Alor Island. Alor Island itself tin last reached past times flying for close 45 minutes from El Tari Airport Kupang, the uppercase of East Nusa Tenggara. There are 2 flights which are served past times Fokker bird from Kupang to Kalabahi, the uppercase of Alor Island. Kalabahi becomes a transit house for tourists earlier they proceed the trip to the cluster of small-scale islands environment Alor, including Kepa Island. 
From Kalabahi Airport inwards Alor, y’all nonetheless necessitate to proceed the journeying for close 1.5 hours past times a auto as well as continued past times a boat. The isle has non adequate infrastructure. There is no asphalt road, populace shipping or nutrient stalls. Even, the inhabitants who alive inwards Kepa Island are exclusively 24 inhabitants.
Kepa Island is simply similar a forgotten isle because it is far from civilization. But, this status becomes the principal attraction because it nonetheless has master copy beauty. The exclusively ane monastic enjoin y’all tin remain is La P’tite Kepa. The monastic enjoin designed simply similar traditional hamlet from Alor because it built on the cliffs closed to the beach as well as each huts are built from bamboo.
The charge per unit of measurement to remain hither is IDR500.000 or US$52 per night. If y’all desire to savour your opor-garai inwards Kepa Island, y’all are suggested to mass earlier y’all come. To expand the popularity of Kepa Island, local authorities is trying to opened upwards straight flying to connect Alor Island from Flores as well as Bali, provides hotels as well as restaurants. 
Kepa Island is suite for y’all who desire to explore the nature as well as savour underwater panorama. The corals inwards this expanse are nominated every bit ane of the most beautiful corals inwards the world. It is non surprise because this expanse is surrounded past times Timor Sea, Sawu Sea, as well as Flores Sea which is becomes the crossing spot for whales. Thus, if y’all are lucky, y’all volition come across the whales look at the surface. If y’all desire to come across marine life, y’all tin dive or snorkel inwards Kepa Island. You tin swim together amongst colorful fishes that one-time hiding behind the corals as well as the reefs.
Actually, at that topographic point are around 42 diving spots which are closed to each other. Thus, it volition ease y’all to explore marine life. Crystal H2O every bit good creates clear visibility of underwater. If y’all desire to know to a greater extent than close Alor Island as well as Kepa Island, y’all tin bring together to move bundle such every bit hunting deer, fishing, as well as diving. You volition guide maintain swell minute as well as unforgettable sensation anytime y’all take in Kepa Island inwards East Nusa Tenggara.