Visitindonesia; Kolbano Beach, A Unique Beach Alongside Colorful Pebbles Inwards Due East Nusa Tenggara

Kolbano Beach is an unique beach inwards East Nusa Tenggara. The characteristic of the beach is dissimilar than other beach. Usually, a beach has white or dark sand. But, when you lot come upward to Kolbano, you lot volition uncovering pebbles. The size in addition to color of the pebbles are various. But, all of them are soft. Besides that, the color of H2O is turquoise. With this uniqueness, Kolbano Beach becomes a pop beach inwards this province. That is why local residents thus proud having its beach. 
The color of pebble tin live on red, green, black, in addition to yellow. Even, many of them create got triple colors, i.e. lite brown, dark in addition to red. Since 1970, Kolbano Beach becomes a root of pebbles in addition to slippery rocks. The surface of pebble is combination betwixt many colors. Some of them has motif in addition to it looks thus beautiful. The pebble from Kolbano is pop for ornament in addition to features of parks.
Visitindonesia; Kolbano Beach, A Unique Beach Alongside Colorful Pebbles Inwards Due East Nusa Tenggara
Kolbano Beach lies at Kolbano Village, Kolbano sub-district, Timor Tengah Selatan Regency, East Nusa Tenggara. Total expanse of the hamlet is only about 17 km2. If you lot desire to croak in that location past times air lane, in that location are many planes from DKI Jakarta to Kupang, i.e. Merpati, Batavia, Sriwijaya, in addition to Mandala. After you lot larn inwards at Kupang, you lot tin proceed your journeying past times go agent. If you lot desire to create got populace bus, you lot tin croak to Kolbano in addition to ask to pay only about IDR60,000 or US$6.2. The bust volition piece of occupation out from final at 06.00, which is takes only about five – vi hours. Geographically, the beach is closed to Australia. From Kolbano Port to Commonwealth of Australia takes only about 147 km.
When you lot come upward to Kolbano Beach, you lot volition adore the beauty of its beach. But, virtually of visitor who come upward hither volition relish the rug of pebbles. Along the coastline, you lot volition come across the stretch of colorful pebbles. This uniqueness brand the beach becomes to a greater extent than pop for local residents. But, visitors from other regions also love to take in Kolbano. They desire to swim, or only to pass vacation in addition to weekend amongst their family. Besides beautiful pebbles, the beach also has a giant rock. The stone standing correct to the coast business in addition to looks thus stunning.
The combination betwixt the giant rocks in addition to smoothen pebbles becomes an attractive characteristic for those who love nature. From distance, you lot volition entirely come across rug of colorful pebbles. In some spot, you lot tin come across white sand. Usually, visitor who come upward hither volition swim or playing the pebbles. Some of them love to produce option massaging to their foot. Not also far from the beach, in that location is a historical monument. The monument built to commemorate Kolbano War betwixt local residents amongst Dutch inwards 1907.
Before the Dutch came here, Kolbano was a pop trading marketplace set for dearest in addition to xanthous sandalwood. Traders from China, Portugal, in addition to Republic of Republic of India came hither to purchase these commodities. Unfortunately, bad affair would hap to Kolbano Beach. Natural pebbles create got been explored past times some people. It is similar a valuable commodity for them. The environs only about the beach volition create got bad touching on if local authorities doesn’t halt it.
However, if you lot curious to come across rug of colorful pebbles, it is amend if you lot remain overnight at Kupang. Then, you lot tin proceed your trip the adjacent twenty-four hr catamenia past times go agent or populace shipping to Kolbano Beach.