Visitindonesia; Mantehage Island, An Isle Amongst Amazing Scenery Inwards Bunaken Marine Commons Site

Mantehage Island is a small-sized isle located inward the grouping of Bunaken Marine Park. The isle looks light-green from far, together with it lies correct inward the middle of sea. As far equally yous tin see, the isle is together with thence beautiful amongst bluish heaven together with white clouds higher upwards it. When yous instruct inward at this island, yous tin bask the beautiful beaches amongst its white fine sand. This is a fascinating island, specially amongst the biodiversity inward its underwater together with mangrove forest. 
Mangrove trees dominate the island, together with it is i of the islands inward the grouping of islands of Bunaken Marine Park. Most people of this isle spread inward several villages amongst a livelihood equally farmers, non fishermen. This is because the authorities of Mantehage does non let local people to grab fish inward a large amount. Fishing is express yesteryear for certain regulations. 
Visitindonesia; Mantehage Island, An Isle Amongst Amazing Scenery Inwards Bunaken Marine Commons Site
          Administratively, Mantehage Island lies inward Wori District, North Minahasa Regency, North Sulawesi Province. There are iv villages inward this island, i.e. Tangkasi, Buhiasm Tinongko together with Bongo Villages. The isle is i of marine tourine destinations inward the grouping of Bunaken Marine Park. The isle is following to Phillipine, Sulawesi Sea, North Minahasa together with Maluku Sea. With such borders, the isle offers fantastic marine tourist goal for visitors. To accomplish the island, yous tin go from Manado. There are many domestic flights to Manado, provided yesteryear several airlines such equally Garuda Indonesia, Batavia Air, Lion Air together with many more. After yous own got arrived at Manado, yous tin popular off along your journeying to Mantehage yesteryear speedboat. It takes close an hr yesteryear speedboat to Mantehage from Manado.  
          Diving is the most interesting action yous tin produce inward Mantehage Island. You tin bask the beautiful underwater life amongst this activity. Diving volition hand yous an unforgettable memory. There are to a greater extent than or less diving spots inward the waters of Mantehage Island. You tin starting fourth dimension to dive from the place amongst diverse species of fishes together with coral reefs. If yous are a professional person diver, yous tin dive to the depth of eighteen meters. With such depth, yous tin own got a distinctive experience. You volition hold out able to honour a to a greater extent than unique together with extreme creatures similar napoleon, barracuda, angel fish, blow fish, lobster, bluish ribbon eels, together with sharks. You tin create a photographic television receiver camera to tape the beautiful scenery of schools of fish.
          You volition non honour whatever hotels together with domicile remain inward Mantehage Island. However, yous don’t own got to worry equally yous tin remain inward i of the local people’s houses. Local people commonly render domicile remain for visitors who desire to pass their nighttime inward the island. Otherwise, yous tin remain inward Siladen Island. The both islands render adequate facilities for visitors. The distance of Mantehage to Siladen is close an hour. The resort together with domicile remain inward Siladen include Siladen Resort together with Spa, Tante Martha Homestay, Ahlan Hotel, Angkasa Raya Indah Hotel, Arison Hotel and many others.
          Mantehage is i of the most exotic islands inward Bunaken Marine Park site. It is recommended to take in Mantehage Island when yous go to Bunaken.