Visitindonesia; Sorake Beach, The Best Surfing Location Inwards Nias, Due North Sumatra

Sorake Beach is 1 of pop beaches inward Nias amongst large as well as high wave. This status becomes a perfect spot for those who dear surfing. For domestic tourist, likely Sorake Beach is a unusual name. But, for professional person surfer, this beach likes a paradise as well as God provides it for their hobby. That is why most of professional person surfers curious to conquer the powerful wave. Every year, tourist from some the globe comes to this beach. It is because at that topographic point is surfing contest for local as well as foreign. People know this number every bit Nias open. There are hundred surfers who participate inward this competition.

Visitindonesia; Sorake Beach, The Best Surfing Location Inwards Nias, Due North Sumatra



Sorake Beach exists at Botohilitano Village, Teluk Dalam sub-district, South Nias Regency, North Sumatra, Indonesia. Besides that, the beach is following to Lagundri Beach. The place is as well as thus remote. That is why visitor who desire to come upward to the beach needs extra effort. However, this status makes the beach notwithstanding virgin. Hence, it is non surprise if Sorake Beach becomes favorite surfing spot for surfers. There are ii choice ways to accomplish Nias Island, i.e. past times sea as well as air transportation. If yous conduct sea transportation, yous tin accomplish Nias Island for almost 85 miles. It takes some 12 hours past times ferry from Sibolga City, North Sumatera to Gunung Sitoli Port. Sitoli is the solely 1 large metropolis inward Nias Island. From Gunung Sitoli to Teluk Dalam City, it volition accept some four hours past times a car.  

If yous accept air transportation, yous tin get-go your journeying from Polonia Airport inward Medan City, North Sumatera. It volition accept some 1 lx minutes to Binaka Airport. The airdrome exists some twenty km southward of Gunung Sitoli, Nias Island. From Binaka Airport, yous tin hire a motorcar or go agent to buy the farm to Teluk Dalam City. It takes for four hours. In a curt time, tourist who wants to view Sorake Beach volition last to a greater extent than comfortable because local authorities excogitation to construct an airport. The place is solely three km from the beach. This infrastructure volition repose visitor when they desire to bask the opor-garai inward Sorake Beach. The airdrome volition last active some August 2013.



Accommodation at Sorake Beach is quite complete. There are abode stay, hotel as well as lodge. Besides that, yous volition come across 1 of traditional village. You tin bask the exoticism of Bawomataluo Village inward Fanayama sub-district, which is exists some xxx minutes from Sorake. In this village, yous tin bask state of war dancing, jumping stone as well as traditional houses from South Nias. If yous desire to own got documentation inward Sorake Beach, yous don’t own got to worry almost it. There are many photographers as well as videographers. They volition tape your activity when yous conquer the wave. For this service, yous own got to pay some IDR1,500,000 or US$155 for 100 pictures. You tin consider them at 07.00 – 11.00 as well as 16.00 – 18.30.



Sorake Beach is famous for the high as well as powerful wave. The acme of moving ridge tin last three – 5 meters. But, when the moving ridge is good, the acme tin last xv meters. Usually, it happens some June – July. This status challenges the professional person surfers to conquer 1 of the best surfing spot inward the world. Besides that, at that topographic point are 5 levels of wave, which is real rare. In this beach, a surfer tin ride a moving ridge of H2O for almost 200 meters. It happens because the graphic symbol of moving ridge inward Sorake is long as well as big. The argue is because the beach is facing correct to Indian Ocean.

The other peculiarity is that the moving ridge is non depends to direction of air current as well as tide. Hence, when yous come upward here, don’t intend almost white sand because along the coastline, yous volition solely consider rocks. Most of surfers who desire to experience the existent moving ridge inward Sorake Beach volition come upward on June to July. If yous desire to surf, yous don’t demand to swim to the middle of ocean. You solely demand to walk along the coastline as well as swim for almost 2 – three toward the ocean. Next, yous solely demand to aspect the rolling of wave. If yous are lucky, yous tin honor hollow wave. This moving ridge is the most wanted moving ridge as well as professional person surfer volition dear to challenge this type.

When yous come upward at weekend as well as holiday, the beach volition last amount past times tourist local. They desire to bask the beauty of beach from distance. Some of them assay to larn surfing. If yous desire to come across the best moving ridge inward Sorake Beach, yous tin come upward some June – July. You volition never regret because the weather condition is skillful as well as the moving ridge of H2O is powerful as well as high.