MX ammo, mystery winged animals, flying saucers

a book of words

Sacrosanct spirits, two felines in the sack, splendid dark, vagrant ranchers in a ring of rodents

Young ladies in Sunday school garments, a jack of exchanges, cool dealers

hanging tight for an early morning sleep time march, however the trumpets were late

the trumpet down, the tuba unfulfilled, griping that the trombone

was fantastical yet as yet missing, very incompetent

Strong beat with a tinge of blue, yet you can hear it outside your window,

there is a tree sitting tight for some water and motivation to argue

since the tone can be unmerciful particularly whenever played with a typical seed

embedded in a sax, a clarinet on a stormy day steamy sound for detainees and occupants

detained in the key, a violet shade, purple and maroon, grave sitar away

For the smell of plants can’t be fixed consuming elastic constantly Malay

No unwinding, consistent variety daylight after the moon, ill bred hemp Flower UK

impudent group of stars in the marigold with just a touch of overflowing, sheep herders

with serpentine staff Tibetan joke, triumph stars in silt grain, manly debris

melancholy, cannabis bud to recall seventy five percent high in buildup and weed

wandering behind the house an unsteady shanty with rooftops made of tin permeating

like espresso rich and solid profound flavor blessed in images yet to be known

Thick portrayals of menstrual spasms, western stow away, cowhide sticks roof dropping

behind the slaughterhouse where red calves meander aimlessly and grieve well before

the cinders are dispersed in celebration of the dead in demonstration of their worthlessness

also, in estimation of their value among the shrewd ones one party rule for get trucks

for the individuals who might want to sparkle as there can be not any more enduring the conveyance of the individuals of Egypt and back to the country settled in wood toking on a vine

a stealthy sign for better days ahead the affirmation of day by day wrongs in a message to fix the ocean as one with the slaves pigs ears and cauliflower leaves, pap spreads Levi, five stars on a slope in a morning meal for sleep time a blazing star

shooting over the sky radiating to all who can see making arrangements to mend the adherents with a touch of broiled meat

So do as you can to imitate the pony dashing down a dusty street

making arrangements to see the vision and depend what one may keep on attempting to accept