India has a huge non-banking population, most of them are residing in downtown areas. The old and wise banking industry can’t support the needs of India’s greatly sized country. Setting up a particular frame of events for common bank branch in rural areas would have need a much amount of money to be spent on base structure and working personnel’s, Most of the rural Indians are cut off from the way in basic money business and services, which includes withdrawals and deposits from a trusted source. However, India has already considered as the second-largest telecommunication market for mobile phone customers which is almost crossed 929.37 million, whereas mobile phones became the most common tool or gadgets in the remote villages also, and the respective industry is growing at a rate of over 200 million every year.

Mobile telephony implemented a huge impact to engage many, like from businessman, wholesalers, and students, retired to fishermen. Which resulted in a drastic reduction in price diversion? Thus the Indian banking sectors which growing dramatically day by day and enhances to encourage the alternative procedure of payments which also includes high security and efficiency, these sectors trying to adopt and innovate electronic payments to enhance the business growth and the banking system as well. The Indian payment system has always been ruled by a transaction which was paper-based, which lead to introduce the e-payments system, and since the inception of e-payment system was introduced the banking sectors have come forward the growth like never before. Making of e-payments provides huge flexibility to the user and the utility companies like for merchant payments which offer another medium for the user or customers and helps to reduce cash management. There are list of big corporate who regulates their major ratio of business through e-payments and online payments by credit/debit cards for example Dish TV or Dish Network a private DTH service provider has the medium for making e-payments generally user may in doubt of How To Recharge Dish TV for subscribing or renewal of the service, as the company had the tie-ups with third party e-commerce companies like paytm and many other mobile commerce platforms, with such mediums respective company clears the doubt of the customers completely and set the option to get rid of the question How To Recharge Dish TV. According to the survey, the ratio of e-payments in comparison with paper-based transactions has increased considerably these days. Which lead to a result of advances in technology and also increases consumer awareness for the efficiency of internet and mobile/online transactions?